Flood #10 wins $125K State Flood Grant to create channel maintenance plan with stakeholders

Boise River 2D Model Tool identifies channel maintenance issues at Eagle Road

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Flood Control District #10 recently won a $125,000 State Flood Management Grant for the development of a Boise River Channel Maintenance plan. The total project cost is expected to be $250,000 with a 50 percent match from Flood #10.

This project will leverage the Boise River Management 2D Model Tool and engage stakeholders to determine long-term strategies for reducing flood risk in the District by maintaining channel conveyance.

This project will identify specific locations and actions where channel blockage contributes to bank erosion and frequent out-of-bank flows at lower-than-normal flood flows. Additionally, this project will identify areas where gravel pit-capture risks appear to be greatest and recommend actions to reduce risk.

Through technical evaluation and stakeholder involvement, Flood #10 will develop a channel-maintenance plan that establishes long-term maintenance goals aligned with the many stakeholder interests who are involved in managing the Boise River.

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