Boise River floods the Eagle Bardenay parking lot in Spring 2017
Engineers plan gravel bar maintenance on the Boise River
Winter flooding creates safety issue on the Eagle Greenbelt
Flood management project restores streambank to fix Duck Alley pit-capture issue
Flood #10 works to enhance fish and wildlife habitat on the Boise River
Downed trees can create multiple hazards in the Boise River channel

What We Do

Each winter, the District works to maintain a clear river channel and reduce damage to private and public property as per state law. Our work is completed under permits from the Idaho Department of Water Resources and the Army Corps of Engineers. Winter maintenance season normally runs from November – March.

Featured Story

Quagga mussel larvae found in the Snake River

The Idaho State Department of Agriculture (ISDA) has confirmed the presence of quagga mussel larvae in the Centennial Waterfront Park area of the Snake River. These findings mark the first time a rapid response plan has been put into action to eliminate quagga mussels discovered in Idaho waters.


Boise Valley Fly Fishers volunteers marked approximately 200 brown trout redds over 16 miles of the Boise River, from Willow Lane Park in Boise to Star. Biodegradable markers alerted Flood #10 winter maintenance contractors as to the location of the trout redds so they could be avoided.

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